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My Babies are Leaving the Nest!

As most of you know, I just finished my new studio for me to do all of my work in! With that comes a little Spring (or in this case Fall) Cleaning! Most of you have seen pictures of rugs that I've been punching in my free time and asked about purchasing them. I've decided to downsize and give you all the opportunity to purchase them for yourselves! I'm only doing a few at a time and they are one-of-a-kind, so whoever jumps the gun first will be the only one to EVER have it as I won't be making patterns of these rugs. Here are the first three that I've decided to sell, and you can find them in the Shop on my Website! Have fun and good luck!

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Don't worry! Everything is still there! I'm just not accepting orders for the next few weeks because I will be vending down in Eureka Springs starting on Tuesday the 17th at a Rug Hooking Convention.

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