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Available Now! New Punch By Number Kit!

I just put up a new kit I'm selling just in time for the holiday season! My new pattern, The Tree Project, is a punch by numbers kit that's in limited supply!

The kit will include everything you see in this picture except for the finished product on the left. That means you get:

- A blank outline of the pattern with numbers pointing to a color

- A yarn swatch of colors to show which color goes with which number

- All the yarn needed to fill in the pattern

Currently, I'm selling 8 of these kits as a lot of work goes into making each one. Right now the kit is only for rug punchers, but a kit for rug hookers will be available soon! So stay tuned for an update!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Colleen Faulkner

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Don't worry! Everything is still there! I'm just not accepting orders for the next few weeks because I will be vending down in Eureka Springs starting on Tuesday the 17th at a Rug Hooking Convention.

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