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A Lot of New Things in Store, Literally!

Long time no see everyone! I hope that everybody is being safe during the pandemic and spending their time productively! I know I have been and do I got something to show for it! I've released two new patterns (Daisies for You and Thanksgiving), I'm making new kits for those patterns to be available soon, and I'm getting closer to selling pre-dyed skeins of yarn! Once I work things out with my adoring husband taking fantastic pictures and my lovely son putting them up here, we will be ready for yarn! So stay tuned for that announcement! In the meanwhile, here are some teasers!

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Don't worry! Everything is still there! I'm just not accepting orders for the next few weeks because I will be vending down in Eureka Springs starting on Tuesday the 17th at a Rug Hooking Convention.

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